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Monday, November 14th 2005

3:41 PM

Make Your Multiday Race Plans Soon

Another reminder today that with all the publicity this year concerning notable super-long distance runners its time to start thinking about next years races. The Colac 6 day and Across The Years stopped taking any more applications at least a month before the race was to take place and ATY was full almost 2 months ahead. I havent heard from Gary Cross about the Arizona 6 day race yet but application requests have been coming in for the Self-Transcendence races in New York. There will probably be about the same number of runners in the 3100 as there were last year, there will be a limit on the 6 day and 10 day numbers according to my sources.

The San Diego One day race results are up on their site and its good to see Danny Ripka doing so well. He came in ninth with 132 miles to his credit. Gary Cross also had a good performance hitting 91 miles. In all, 43 people ran 100 miles or more which is an indicator that this distance is alive and kicking. Congratulations to everyone.
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